A New Talent

Thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for all the help with this. This is a follow on to the story Adventures in Sexting


The entire drive back to her dorm Carrie could not stop touching the rolled up paper Carl had given her. The tryst with Carl at the Valentine’s Day dance had started out as a sympathy fuck, but she was beginning to like him. His artistic ability made him a bit more intriguing. She had almost told him that he could use his artwork to get laid, that being an artist would get him a lot more ass than being a bookworm, but she did not. He was her toy right now. Carrie had never had this much control over another person. Carl certainly wasn’t boyfriend material, but she could find a use for him.

Alone in his room Carl could not stop thinking about Carrie. He glanced at his desk.The phone sat motionless, despite Carl’s wish that it would ring or beep with some communication from Carrie. He had told himself that once she got back to her college she would probably forget about him as a sea of older, more attractive and more interesting men swallowed her up. Carl knew he should stop obsessing over her and move on. Any kind of relationship with his best friend’s sister was probably a bad idea. He forced himself to pick up a science journal and start reading. The text seemed even drier than it usually did.

The drawing was a little too accurate to hang on the wall where everyone could see it. Carrie was not ashamed of her body, but she wasn’t ready to put it on display for anyone that walked into the room either. She found herself wishing that it wasn’t quite so apparent that she was the model for the drawing, and at the same time she was flattered that Carl had put so much effort into it. She finally decided she would hang it on the back side of her closet door once she framed it. Just sticking a tack through the paper seemed wrong.

Carrie sat on her bed and turned on the TV. An installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was on. She had seen it in the theater and once was enough. Carl and Daniel were big fans of both the movies and the books. The two of them would dress up like characters from the series and go to conventions. They would return excitedly talking about panel discussions and of the women that dressed up. Carrie was pretty sure at each of them had gigabytes of pictures of women in tight fitting costumes from the various movies in the trilogy. Even though it wasn’t that late she was dressed for bed, wearing a large T shirt and panties. Carrie unpacked her clothes, then sent a picture from her phone to Carl, a simple head shot of her smiling. She lay back on her bed and drifted off to sleep.

No matter what he did, thoughts of Carrie kept creeping back into his train of thought. Reading science fiction only made him dream of zero gravity sex with Carrie. No matter what academic topic Carl delved into, somehow Carrie wormed herself into the subject. His phone chirped with Carrie’s ringtone and he picked it up, prepared to scold her for not using the burner phone. Carl was both relieved and disappointed at the image on the screen. Carrie looked at him with a Cheshire cat grin on her face. For reasons he could not explain Carl knew what the next picture of Carrie would be. He picked up his tablet computer and began to create the background even before he knew what the complete image would look like.

Carrie was roused from her unintended slumber, the expression on her face turning from a smile to a pout. She had been in the midst of a sexy dream. Much to her chagrin it had been in Middle Earth, deep in the woods near a waterfall. She had been taken prisoner and was bound, gagged and blindfolded as eager hands and mouths explored her body. Carrie realized her entire body was damp with perspiration, and that she was even wetter between her legs.

Feeling like she should share her euphoria Carrie dug the burner phone out of her bag and entered the security code. She peeled off her clothing and began to take pictures. She was careful to keep her face out of the frame. When she was done she scrolled though the images, deleting a few that did not serve her purposes and then sent them to Carl.

Carl was so focused on his artwork that he almost did not hear the phone beep. It was the burner phone; there were no personalized ring tones on it. For security reasons it was as generic as possible. Ring tones were also unnecessary; only one person had the number for it.

The first picture was taken at arm’s length and a high angle. He could see the back of her head, her shoulder and curve of her breast. The pictures seemed intended to tease him. The images of her breast stopped just short of showing her nipples. There were pictures of her ass and thighs, and a single picture of her hand covering the junction of her legs. Carl did not need the pictures to know what Carrie looked like naked; he had much more explicit images in his head. What he took from the pictures was that Carrie wanted him to see her nude body. He went through the series, pausing on each image and using his memory to fill in the spots that her camera angle had hidden from him. Carl made note of the props Carrie had used in the pictures and imagined the expression on her face.

It was Wednesday when Carrie decided to check her mailbox. She was a bit disappointed she had not heard anything from Carl after she sent him the pictures. Maybe he was disappointed that they were not that explicit. She opened her small mailbox. Stuffed in with all the junk mail was cardboard tube. She pulled it out and noticed it was from Carl. She shut the box without removing anything else and went directly back to her room. She opened the mailing tube, it contained a two medium sized prints. The first was a reproduction of Jules-Joseph Lefebvre ‘ Chloe, but with Carrie’s body in the same pose . The second was more of the fantasy genre. Carl had drawn her as a nearly naked eleven archer. He had drawn her with some kind of chain mail armor, but it may as well have been a bra and panties for all it covered. There was a bow slung over her shoulder and a quiver of arrows hanging from her hip.

The drawing gave her some ideas, but they would have to wait. She had less than an hour before the cute guy that had been helping her with algebra was meeting her at a party. Carrie opened her closet and began to pick out an outfit. She glanced at Carl’s artwork one more time, then rolled it up and put it back in the tube.

It was two in the morning on a Saturday when Carl heard the phone beep. That it woke him up was a bit surprising, the volume was at its lowest setting. He flipped the phone open; the display showed a message from Carrie’s burn phone. It was just text.

‘I’m still horny; I want a picture of your big hard cock to get me off’ It took less than thirty seconds for Carl’s erection to reach its full stiffness after reading Carrie’s message. He advanced to the next message. She was holding her breasts together with one arm, lifting them and forcing them against each other. He could see her nipples were swollen and erect. The image included her open mouth, but cut off right below her nose. Carl wished she was in his room so he could slid his cock between her mouth until it was wet and slippery and then fuck her tits until he came. The sound of his pounding heart echoed in his head as he advanced to the next picture. It was an image of her pussy. Her labia were wet and distended. He concluded that she must have been playing with herself or a using a toy. Slowly it dawned on Carl that she might have also just finished fucking some guy. He stared at the image, looking for a stream of cum dripping out of her wet slit, but the camera phone did not provide that level of detail. The phone beeped again. It was another text message.

‘I need your cock, please show me your fucking cock’

Carl pulled down his shorts and exposed his erection. He took several pictures with the phone, each time he got a little more excited. He did not care if she was alone or with some guy. He did not care if she just wanted to show off to her girlfriends and tell them about the geek with the big dick. She asked for his cock and he wanted to give it to her.

Carl scrolled though the images and picked the best one then pressed Send. Then he scrolled back to the picture of her wet snatch. If he transferred the image to his computer there would be more detail and the picture would be a lot bigger, but Carl did not want to wait. He put the phone on his bed and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion, then squirted the cream into his hand until a puddle formed in his palm.

When Carl looked at the picture he imagined her pushing another man away, his erection rapidly fading to its flaccid state. Carl’s lotion coated hand stood in for her cum soaked pussy. He was going to get sloppy seconds, and she was going to get his big cock. Carl squeezed his throbbing erection tightly, imagining that her previous lover had only been a fraction of his own impressive girth. It only took a few strokes before Carl felt his orgasm building. He wanted her to know what it felt like to be fucked by a big cock. Carl imagined her begging him to fill her with cum. That thought caused his orgasm to explode, shooting thick ropes of cum onto the floor. Even after the last drop splashed into the puddle Carl kept stroking, he did not stop for almost two minutes. It was only because the image of Carrie’s pussy vanished with another message arrived that he stopped

‘Did you come?’

Carl awkwardly typed a reply with his left hand; his right was still covered in cum.


Her response appeared seconds later.

Show me.

Carl snapped two pictures, one of his still hard cock, cum dripping from the tip. The second picture was of the puddle of cum on the floor.

When the picture of Carl’s erection appeared on the screen of her phone Carrie put her hand between her legs. She had limited herself to playing with her tits while she toyed with Carl. She was impressed with the results of her efforts, and Carl’s. The picture of the floor showed several long streaks of cum on the floor. The picture of his cock was equally impressive. Carl’s fingers were barely able to contain his girth.

Carrie looked at her own hand, wondering how many of her fingers it would take to equal the circumference of Carl’s throbbing erection. Slipping off her bed and on to the floor, Carrie set the phone on the mattress. She leaned forward, resting her shoulders on the edge of the bed. Her breasts hung free and she spread her thighs apart. The thin carpet did not provide much padding for her knees, but she did not mind. With one hand she stroked her dripping wet pussy, with the other she tugged on one of her erect nipples. She wondered if Carl knew she had just fucked another man. He was in one of her classes and she had feigned difficulty with the subject matter to get him to tutor her. He had been adequate, but was no match for Carl as a lover or as a tutor.

Carrie’s eyes focused on the phone. As she rubbed her labia she imagined Carl behind her, getting ready to fuck her doggie style. She fantasized that Carl’s thick cock was rubbing against her cheeks, menacing her tight ass with his girth. Someday she would be ready to let Carl fuck her in the ass, but tonight she wanted him between her legs.

“Mmmmm, are you ready to fuck my wet cunt,” she moaned to herself. She felt especially slutty tonight, masturbating after fucking her classmate. She considered digging a toy out of the box under her bed, but decided to use her hand instead. She wanted to feel her pussy when she climaxed.

Starting with just one finger she pushed it into her pussy as far as she could. It was still wet with cum. The prudent thing would have been to make him wear a condom, but she wanted the visceral feel of his orgasm. She liked sex to be messy, rubbers were just too tidy. Carrie inserted a second finger. Now there was an appreciable amount of friction as she thrust her hand into her wet slit. Carrie continued to stare at the image on the screen. She wished Carl was actually in the room. She wanted his cock buried deep in her pussy, much deeper than her fingers could reach. Carrie pressed the palm of her hand against her mound, grinding it down towards her clitoris. The sloppy wet sound of her fingers thrusting in and out of her vagina filled the otherwise silent room. “Make me come baby, make me come. Give me that thick, hard cock and make me come,” she moaned. Talking dirty was one thing she rarely had the nerve to do with another person. Carrie almost always kept her monologue in her head. The few times she had uttered a few words she had done so very softly. She doubted her partner had heard it over his own moaning.

Carrie forced a third finger in between her labia. It limited the depth of her thrusts, but she felt much fuller. It was that sense of fullness that pushed her over the edge. The movement of her hand slowed and finally stopped. When her breathing returned to normal Carrie took one final picture. It showed three fingers of her hand pressed between her lips, dripping wet. She sent the image to Carl, then turned off the phone and removed the battery. She was done, at least for tonight. Tomorrow her roommate would be back and she would have to be a bit more discreet about how she enjoyed Carl’s gifts. She looked at the drawing of her as an elven archer. It deserved to be seen. Tomorrow she would buy a frame for it. Carrie slipped between the sheets of her bed, still naked, and drifted off to sleep.

The next day Carrie came back to her dorm after a shopping trip, shutting the door to her room and tossing the bag onto her bed. She was not certain how long her roommate would be gone, so she knew she had to work quickly. It was early afternoon on a Tuesday, so Chloe was supposed to be in class. There was just enough of the afternoon sunlight leaking through the closed mini blinds for what Carrie had in mind. She stripped off her T shirt and dropped it on the floor. Her bra followed seconds later. Carrie ran her hands over her skin, trying to smooth out the lines the constricting garment had caused. She kicked off her shoes and slid her shorts off, but left her thong on.

The bag contained a pair of handcuffs. They were not cheesy sex shop handcuffs with tacky pink feathers. These were the real thing. She had purchased them at a shop that catered to law enforcement and security companies. Knowing that they were designed to hold someone considered a danger to society made the silver bracelets somewhat menacing. They certainly did not feel like toys. The metal cuffs had a satisfying weight to them. The bag also contained a cheap silk scarf. Carrie laid the two items out on the bed and then retrieved her burner phone from its hiding place.

Before continuing her mission Carrie paused to look at herself in the mirror. She could see her nipples were already erect. She cupped her breasts in her hands, and then pressed them together. Various poses ran through her mind. The camera phone was convenient, but it was not really designed for self-portraits. There was no self-timer and no way to put it on a tripod. Today’s project required a real camera, and she had come up with a way to use one that would make Carl proud of her.

With the camera perched on its tripod Carrie slowly closed the first handcuff around her wrist. She looked at her desk, checking to be certain the key was still there. Her roommate was opened minded, but Carrie did not want to explain why she was nearly naked and handcuffed, not today at least. Satisfied she had a way to release herself she fastened the second cuff. Even though she was alone she felt nervous and excited. She pressed the button on the camera that started the self-timer. The red light began to flash and Carrie struck her first pose. The light began to flash faster, and then stopped. The camera was set to silent, so there was no click or beep to indicate the picture had been taken. Carrie reviewed the image, and then repeated the processes with her second pose. The procedure was the same every time, prep, pose, shoot, review. In less than an hour she had exactly what she wanted. She removed the handcuffs and tossed them on the desk. The handcuffs hit the top of the desk with a loud clatter. The room had been almost silent for the entire photo shoot and the noise startled her. Carrie quickly put the clothes back on and then put the handcuff in the box under her bed with the other naughty toys. Then she plugged the camera into her computer and completed her plan.

The sound of a key in the lock caught her attention. Less than a minute earlier she had been looking at a picture of her breasts on the computer, but now she was trying to decide where to hang Carl’s drawing of her as an elf warrior princess. Carrie turned her head to the door just in time to see her roommate Chloe walk in.

Chloe was short and a bit stocky. If Carl were to draw a similar picture for her it would most likely be as a dwarf. Her hair was short and spiked and today it was purple. The color of Chloe’s hair changed frequently. Despite her unconventional appearance Chloe was surprisingly average in her likes and dislikes.

“You look like such a badass in the picture,” Chloe said, admiring Carl’s artwork.

“You don’t think it’s too much, I’m practically naked,” Carrie replied.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Chloe said, “and honestly your swimsuit is more revealing.”

“I don’t see you putting up a picture like this,” Carrie retorted.

“I don’t have talented admirers,” Chloe answered.

“I’m pretty sure I could arrange a sitting. Carl could probably work from some pictures, but he would probably need to meet you once to decide what kind of character to make you,” Carrie offered.

“Probably a troll,” Chloe replied.

“I don’t know about that. Seriously, if you are interested I could probably convince Carl to visit us some day,” Carrie suggested. Perhaps Chloe could go costume shopping and allow her some alone time with Carl in the room.

“Okay, set it up. But I decide if the drawing ends up on the wall,” Chloe said.

Carl fished the phone out of his pocket. It had become a prized possession. If it was not in his pocket it was safely hidden, buried in a drawer under a pile of obsolete electronics. As an additional precaution he only kept a few images on the phone, the rest were safely stored away on an encrypted hard drive. He checked the phone twice a day for new messages and pictures, and he was always alone when he did it. Today the phone indicated it had a single message. Carl put in the security code and tapped on the screen.

The text message contained a web address and one word, measurements. Carl closed the door to his room and typed the characters into his browser. A screen appeared asking him to log in with an email address and a password. He used the email address of the phone. In the password line he typed in 38-26-36C. His efforts were rewarded by a list of files. The first was a text file titled Read Me first-You will be impressed. The rest of the files were image files. Carl downloaded each file and then with great effort he resisted the temptation to ignore the text file. He opened it first.

Before you bitch at me about your precious OpSec, let me tell you what I have done. 1. All images have been deleted from the camera 2 The memory card has been wiped and formatted, twice. 3. Each file is encrypted. The password is idrawnakedpeople I could not work with the camera phone for this. I hope this complies with your requirements.

Carl smiled. He was impressed she had used the phrase OpSec, short for Operational Security. She had done well. He opened the first image. Carries breasts filled his screen. Her hands cupped them, but her nipples protruded from between her fingers. Her wrists were bound together with a pair of silver handcuffs. Carl felt his cock begin to swell. This was not the first time he had seen a bondage picture. In fact he had seen hundreds for bondage pictures. He had seen videos as well, and not just of women tied up in submissive positions. He had seen them humiliated. But until this moment he had never found them arousing. But seeing Carrie essentially offering herself to him produced a very different response than any other picture in the genre.

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